Downtown Party Network – Space Me Out (Mario Basanov Remix) 12′

Although ‘Downtown Party Network’, the electronic music duo from Lithuania have been around for a good while DJing and producing and doing really good with gigs from London to Helsinki and from Moscow to Dubai, this track, ‘Space Me Out’ to be released on Silence Music on October 21, 2013 will definitely take them to higher levels and new places. The same goes for the beautiful Eglė Sirvydytė who is featured in this track with her soothing voice, giving it an angelic ambiance.

What makes things just much more electrifying is Mario Basanov’s remix of the track, Basanov injected a captivating emotional build-up into the track, starting from minute 2:20 until minute 4:00.  Basanov, who needs no introduction, has marked his territory on the scene during the past 2 years with his debut album ‘Journey’ released on NeedWant Records as well as many great productions and remixes, a personal favorite is his vocal remake of Tyson’s ‘Mr Rain’.

Enjoy this beautiful piece of art.

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